Wifey blonde fucked by a black to the extra large tail


A blonde bourgeois gets picked up by a handsome black who returns to his golf. She is seduced and embark on a trip of the hottest. She is in ecstasy before the house of the golfer and informed him of his excitement. He took the opportunity to make it a naughty proposal and ask if she wants to hold the handle. But beware, his is extra large! The pretty blonde dépoile and discovers with admiration of black sex. She takes it in his hands and mouth and then understands that this is a big piece. That did not stop to get fucked by this wide and thick cock that will come and go constantly in his small narrow sheath, but lukewarm. The golfer gets it off and give an orgasm to the bourgeois who will empty his balls a few minutes later.

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Added on: February 4, 2020

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