Very special nurse


Small telescope on the nose, a top and a skirt covering a black panties, this chick wears the insignia of nurses on a tie and apron hides sex. She has a little mischievous and struts by asking an alluring way. Without doublet and without panties, she reveals heavy tits and a horny Derche. She keeps her glasses to see the three strips that will penetrate through and through, unless this is her with his belt which is attached a large dildo that scores the most points in the Derche friends. She uses it like a pro embuggering one while she deep throats the baton to another. She revels in the guard but also appreciates the fuck that is spreading about her. So as not to sully it removed his glasses. Stripped of his tie and apron, she excelled in the techniques of masturbation and penetration with both hands with the mouth. We would all be a nurse too … special!

Category: Lgtbi
Added on: February 4, 2020

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