Two is good, three is better


What girl does not dream about the act of blowing up by two men at the same time? Well this cute will be able to experience because she has two gay friends who accepted his invitation to make a threesome. It therefore comes from the guys and strips off for a bit excited, it’s all fine with small pointed breasts and a thin ridge. Apparently gus are ready for love because there is one that removes the pants of her boyfriend and begins to suck his cock, cute is the whole thing and joins him in this fellatio puffy scholarships while the other continues his pipe. But what she wants is to get caught in a doggy style sex penis while the other eats her pussy with his tongue. She never felt like orgasm and moans are testament to this. To thank them for such a gift, she will enjoy them both in the cross and giving furtive licks on their swollen glands and they are quick to jump to the ceiling in an explosion of hot cum it collects in his sucking mouth.

Category: Lgtbi
Added on: February 4, 2020

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