Two guys penetrate her and fuck!


The big blonde is lying quietly on his bed, for now … Not for a second she does not suspect that two attackers are on his level and tries to pick its lock. In no time, it’s done … They come home, equipped with hoods, and runs directly over her mouth to prevent screaming. The big blonde is terrified and wriggling like an animal. But it can not do anything against the power of these nerds … Her big breasts are immediately out of her dress and grabbed roughly. One of the lads to pull her pants back on and almost torn to access the vulva big blonde. He fingers her mercilessly while he wickedly crunchy breasts, the fat trying to scream but can not. A moment later, his hands are cuffed and the first guy gets all his cock, pounding her pussy like hell. The other is getting ready and as soon as it is his turn, returns the fat body and breaks it down from behind at full speed. These bitches do not let go after having unloaded like dogs on her pussy …

Category: Fetish
Added on: February 4, 2020

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