The young woman comes to heat her owner who is twice her age


When you are a young, sexy woman in the prime of life, you are naturally attracted to older men. She goes to her landlord and surprises him in her room. She takes her shorts to pet the kitten and notices that she is wet. She will try everything for everything and try to seduce him. Yet this man is twice his age! But that’s what excites him and it’s not the only one. The owner has always dreamed of kissing his young tenant who is very petite with small pointed breasts and a pussy that he imagines tight and wet. He will be able to check it immediately after being sucked by the young woman by putting her tongue at the bottom of the vagina and sucking the juices from her. Let’s go for an intimate fuck which may give rise to a reduction in rent.

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Added on: February 4, 2020

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