The vagaries of a pregnant woman


Oh, when your girlfriend is pregnant, you are obliged to pass her every whim, right? In the case of this couple, the guy did not complain too much: first, his girlfriend is sexier than ever, secondly, his only quirks are to blow himself up every hour. It gets worse as slavery! She arrives on the bed while he is quietly watching TV and rubs him with a look suggestive. No need to draw a picture of him: the man took the opportunity to eat the big grouper his wife, then strips down to admire her plump body. The instincts of the beautiful make him turn his head and she dying to get licked the pan and does not make a secret. Type runs and licks pussy with this nice and smooth application, before returning gradually tail in it. Small sighs of the chick are captivating. She whines, barks at every little dick stroke that sends the man, then returned his body to get girandole file on all fours. Whatever position they adopt these two lovebirds find themselves always in a symbiotic relationship … and so exciting!

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Added on: February 4, 2020

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