The teacher gets fucked by a parent of a student in the classroom


A teacher receives a parent of a student in her child’s classroom. She put on a sexy outfit because she knows that the guy who is coming has a reputation for being a good fucker. Several of his colleagues have already dealt with him and were satisfied with the meeting. She excites him and it does not take long for him to strip. She kneels to carve a blowjob and eat his balls. She even offers her breasts for a tit. He leans over the desk and searches the holes with his fingers and mouth before visiting with his tail. His son has always told him that he would like to fuck his teacher, but it is the father who will stick to it. He deeply sodomized the teacher who caresses the root ball and enjoys it intensely before taking a nice squirt of cum on the pubis.

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Added on: February 4, 2020

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