The plumber fists and buggers his client before drowning her in cum


A plumber goes to a super sexy client. She has small problems, but especially wants to realize her fantasy of kissing with a worker who intervenes at her home. She heats him with her sexy tights and her tight panties. The guy does not waste time and tears off the tights to discover his holes that they are very wet and airy. He brings the client to his knees so that she takes care of her very stiff and long hose. He rips her clothes off and kisses her bluntly. Seeing that she is very hot, he thrusts four fingers at the bottom of her pussy, but she still wants the slut. So he sticks his cock in her ass and sweeps her anal canal without care. After having fucked her wildly through all the holes, he drowns her in cum with a huge sperm leak.

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Added on: February 4, 2020

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