The masseuse loves to take the tail of her clients in the anal canal


The masseuse is a gorgeous blonde. A real beauty! Her client is a muscular guy and raises his towel to see her sex. He is surprised especially that he has a semi-erection. She smiled and decided to make the half pass in full to enjoy. With her nimble fingers and her expert mouth, the blonde masseuse has trained his client’s penis and opens her thighs to massage her glans with the bottom of her vagina. She takes and gives pleasure. She wants this big rod in the ass and guide the sex of her lover of the day to his anal duct. It goes like butter and she takes a foot of hell. The guy pounded his buttocks and shakes the bowels with great thrusts. Enjoyment comes for both, take out the umbrellas!

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Added on: February 4, 2020

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