The housewife plumber inspect the pipe


In trying to fill the sink, a beautiful woman of thirty years in black outfit and panties embroidered realizes that the trap is clogged, so she called the plumbing service that sends him to a convenience store as soon as possible. The man arrives, quickly assesses the damage and repair the pipe without difficulty. She found enough gun in his working clothes and finds an excuse to keep it a little longer. She takes him to his room to inspect the radiator and it lies on the bed to admire the beautiful ass of the guy on his knees working. The senses in turmoil, she invites him to sit beside her and unrestrained spreads her legs exposing her hairy pussy. The temptation is too strong and the guy with his tongue tasted the fragrant nectar droplets on wet slit the woman who closes his eyes to fully appreciate the greedy mouth on her genitals on fire. She sucks on her lap, but her pussy is not satisfied, she settled on him for a torrid 69. Ass in the air, it will penetrate and it was under his blows kidney powerful that they will enjoy intensely.

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Added on: February 4, 2020

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