Sweetheart, I want to fuck you and swing your mashed face


All day long, the guy sends text messages to his wife telling him he wants to fuck her thoroughly and unload in her mouth after a big sodomy. Obviously, it has had its effect on his wife who is a beautiful sexy blonde and waiting on his knees to unpack and swallow sex. She sucks it and does not need to force a lot to put it in erection. She took the opportunity to put on the back and get licked holes to prepare for what looks like a hot fuck. She will not be disappointed with the trip because her boyfriend has never banded so hard. He defeats it by adopting unusual positions and exploits the full depth of the orifices of his wife. He slides deeply into his anus to be compressed tail. After having fun, he retired to unload as expected on the face and in the mouth of his wife slut.

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Added on: February 4, 2020

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