Surprise my boyfriend is bi!


This blonde bitch waiting impatiently for her guy jumps on him and do enjoy. He is with her on the sofa, fiddling, excites the utmost slipping his hand between her thighs and then to bar …! He returned thirty seconds later, but this time with a guy! The chick is hot and wondered what it all means. She soon realizes that these two standards are not just there for the kiss, but to kiss them! After all, three is better than two, no? The blonde was already soaked thighs and does not backtrack. She watches with an amused eye the two Zouaves caressing, sucking, and showing them that it is also known to use her mouth. Suddenly she realizes that two bi guys and a girl is a truly magical combination. Anything is possible! Our three lovers lick his ass, to enter all positions, moaning, groaning, enjoy … and the chick takes pleasure in donning a strap-on, to kiss the guys pulling by the hair … For once she is not being forced to swallow all the sperm!

Category: Lgtbi
Added on: February 4, 2020

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