Sitting at the park exhibits


The cold winter does not chill the ardor of this blonde twenty-five who smokes his cigarette in the park. Her man has put up the camera to film the exhibition of his girlfriend in heat despite the weather. Sitting on a bench, she spreads her legs and takes postures to complement this alluring amateur video. A little kiss and they decide to go back: a small lift of the skirt on the stairs for a view of her ass that’s welcoming and warm. The camcorder up to the sofa where they settled and, immediately, miss busy on the pine for her cat that already metric. A very good pipe for it to harden still drooling a little and the string of her thong to the side, she takes that big rod in her pussy blonde before taking it in her ass tight, ass pounding giving it a pleasure crazy to believe his groans … The body panting after the orgasm filled with voluptuous spasms, she obediently welcomes her boyfriend cum spit into the mouth …

Category: Fetish
Added on: February 4, 2020

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