She is sodomized by a stranger she brings home


Nothing suggested to this pretty brunette consenting this morning she would end the day with a big cock in the ass from a stranger. No sooner have they arrived home, than she sucks his cock and realizes he is heavily hung. She comes to ride him and takes a lot of pleasure because she is thin and narrow. He puts a few strokes of cock in the vagina and even spanks her while she sucks. It gives him ideas and lifts his buttocks for him to plant his big cock in the ass. Seeing that she does not say anything, he continues to sodomize to the balls and he feels the wet of her pussy that flows on the roustons. The doggystyle is beautiful and I let you appreciate it as well as the final which will be a very nice facial.

Category: Brunette
Added on: February 4, 2020

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