She agrees to fuck with her neighbor who is not a supermodel


This MILF has always been dredged by her neighbor who is far from a supermodel. On the contrary, it’s rather the go-go guy, chubby and a little heavy in his way of flirting. But that morning, she agrees to give in to his advances and gets in the air with him at home while her husband is gone to work. To his surprise, the guy has a big thick and vigorous cock and will turn out to be a very good lover. After sucking his cock in the living room, she rides him and starts to get a kick out. It is then that he eats her orifices which makes her cum. She takes him to her room and there she will live a hot fuck of his life. After having enjoyed many times, she lets herself be showered with sperm by her neighbor with whom she will certainly iron again.

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Added on: February 4, 2020

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