Sensual and hot fuck by the pool with a young couple BCBG


We find ourselves as voyeurs at the pool of a couple BCBG. The woman is really beautiful! The house, too, that’s something else lol! Her husband does not resist the vision of this goddess body and works her breasts while nibbling her earlobe. Excited by the situation, she asks him to go eat her pussy what he does with passion. He slips both into the pool and she plunges into the water to carve a good pipe at the edge. Fucking in the water is not easy. But they will still achieve it and the young woman is going to get caught up to the hilt by his rogue husband. He goes out then to put it on the edge and file him the vulva properly before he throws the mash on the pubis.

Category: Sexy
Added on: February 4, 2020

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