Today, the couple will play the school master and student model. They both finished school long ago, but this time they miss him terribly. The doll holder receives at the door of their home and accompanies the exhibition. The latter managed to attract the doll to its tail. He removed his pants, she lifted her skirt that reveals a string smaller than a pocket handkerchief. His shirt barely concealing two small tits escaping once it starts moving a little. She turns on the tail of the master, he returns the favor by licking her delicious whole slot bottom up while she was straddled just above its mouth. Back down from her perch she has straddled the tail of the teacher and is pressed between her pussy lips slobbering. But he is the master and took the lead showing him how a male able to maneuver the pan handle. Reversed on the back, her small breasts like two eggs in the mirror, the doll has come. A little cream on it and it is served!

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Added on: February 4, 2020

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