Preparation for girls


The sun rises after a good night’s sleep to this brunette who puts her lingerie before calling her his girlfriend, who is soon to arrive, too nervous to this good day that lies ahead. They embrace lovingly on the couch, sensual kissing before going to the bathroom for a good morning shower … They are naked, kissing copiously taking care of their crotch. They dry out and spin the chamber to continue their session Panty comfortably installed on the bed. After these cunnilingus avid, the girls get dressed because it’s time to welcome their friends after this warm-up session. The guys pose in the living room and lost no time rushing to their partners and quickly discover that the two bitches are ready. The two cats in heat will be copiously filing by both male and ending with a good pipe on these pines strained which earned them each a good dose of jute in the face for one on her big breasts to the other …

Category: Group
Added on: February 4, 2020

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