Pregnant women in need of sperm


Since this woman in her thirties who is pregnant, she continues to want to make love. Her hormones completely overturn his sex life and her husband can not keep up so she is greedy. That’s why she took a lover whom she calls to relieve a sudden and intense sexual drive. Like hot embers, she waits in undress very round belly, then she spreads her legs and masturbates her pussy full of hair. Then he arrives in his apartment, she is already very wet and does not waste a second for him to perform fellatio divine. The guy likes the agility of his tongue, and after a little masturbation before his mouth, he slipped his tongue between her thighs and licking her hairy pussy. The chick is ball breasts during this time, but as she always wants more, she impales on his sleeve. The fiery lover takes care not to rush saw his condition, but it is still large battering in his hole to make up the wall. He fucks her doggy style and then continues to tumble until the slot is right for him. Knowing full well that he is about to cum, she gives him oral sex again and then offers him her big milky tits for a titty fuck until he cums all over her face white sauce.

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Added on: February 4, 2020

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