OMG !!! The guy fucks a girl while his wife is in the room next door!


A guy brings a girl back to his home while his wife is present. They eat together and while she is doing the dishes, the two others put themselves apart in the room to fuck. The girl undresses before carving a blowjob to the guy in the crack of the closet door. She spreads her panties and gets fucked standing against the doorframe, but wants more like the guy. He is going to plant his dick in her ass just when the woman leaves the kitchen alerted by noises enters the room. She hears and sees her husband sodomizing the girl in the dressing room before he squirting his semen deep in the throat. The cuckold wife takes her place in the kitchen before her husband returns as if nothing had happened.

Category: Hardcore
Added on: February 4, 2020

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