Medieval torture punishment


This scene takes you completely crazy in unexplored corners of the sexual fantasy … Two beautiful women in battle dress super sexy play the warriors of the Middle Ages, armed with long swords. A man suddenly arrives and threatens them. It quickly landed by these two fine bitches, who will make him see all the colors. Trapped, the type is about to undergo a long session of humiliation and sexual torture. He is gagged, bound, suspended, completely thank you to those two crazy. These latter were not led as swords, but also big dildos belts with which they kiss the poor guy’s mouth, who gets banged up the glottis. Still tied up, he gets a variety of pegs on the body, which senses the nipples and abs, but it is far from over for him. His muscular ass was nice to struggle to try to escape the two furies, to no avail: he will do roam like a good slut!

Category: Lgtbi
Added on: February 4, 2020

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