Medieval jousting in the countryside!


These two pigs, a boy and a girl, left for fun in the forest. The guy wears a red cape of the old days and the chick is lying on the backseat. Like hot embers, it is simply trying to flank the fingers, having unpacked her breasts and moaning like a little fever of 20 years. When they cross one of their girlfriend in a miniskirt along the road, they embark illico with them and they spin in the forest to start the game. No sword, no spear, no horse, but the big guy’s tail to the red cape, which stuffs into greedy mouths of the two sluts. Although excited by the fear of getting caught and their mutual licking, the girls have no trouble hosting this big cock in them, and are soon completely smash against a tree trunk! The guy in the cape is now taking a knight and Bourlingue to do more to the two creatures who are there to serve. These two pigs should all share. Everything!

Category: Red head
Added on: February 4, 2020

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