Jolie pregnant Metis loves her husband


Love makes it beautiful and radiant, she is quietly sitting on the couch next to her husband, her long black hair down over her shoulders and a small door just very alluring blue negligee that allows a view down on his chest with opulent left breast is adorned with a tattoo. They are surely future plans for her unborn child and is coming soon, given the size of his belly. Certainly excited by the beauty of his wife, he is gently her nightgown revealing her swollen abdomen that he embraces, then drags his braces and head eagerly udders of her breasts. His hand slid between her thighs shows how much she wanted him to, once he puts his face between his legs and puts his tongue between the edges of her fleshy pussy perfectly shaved pubic, in turn, he wants to enjoy the mouth of his wife and his approach to sex already hard as she sucks, she does passionately, first lip and deep engulfing the glans. They want one another, lying on his back, he overlooks, is approaching its tail offered her vulva, and enters slowly guided by the fingers of his mixed goddess who takes the opportunity to tickle the clitoris. To follow an intense love scene that fills the couple shared an enjoyment …

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Added on: February 4, 2020

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