He fucks his girlfriend after licking her vagina with her big tongue


He is on the couch and looks at the ass of his girlfriend who reads in front of him. How do you want him to resist this dream vision? He will caress her buttocks, what we women love above all! Yes Yes ! It works and it makes him want to go further. He knows what she likes about naughty cuddling and he eats holes from behind and from the front. This is where he goes to push his big tongue deep in her vagina to lick the uterus. He goes as far as with his dick the guy! Excited and open as ever, she begs him to come and take it and he kisses like a queen by tickling him also clit. She will have a powerful orgasm and will be thrown to the level of his penis to be sperm watered.

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Added on: February 4, 2020

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