Happy New Year 2014: A subject for the new year!


I love this video. We’re with a kinky couple who practice BDSM. After a drunken night, the blonde made a nice blowjob to her boyfriend and told him to want to deal with the subject. They call this young woman with milky tits and round ass. She is chained and has a smooth pussy but hairy pubis. Under the guidance of the blonde, she will perform a forced blowjob to her master and then eat pussy full mouth of his mistress. She will even take the powerfully tense penis of guy who watches his wife getting eaten the kitten by subject. This position is recurrent but the best will be the preparation of sodomy blonde mistress. The subject will be forced to give him a rim job before the cock of her master goes into the one in the anus of his mistress. After a deep and brutal sodomy blonde mistress brown submitted should clean the cock of her master and get all the cum in her mouth before swallowing.

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Added on: February 4, 2020

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