Five guards ganbangent a prisoner!


The poor prisoner is alone in his cell, hands in the pants, and had a dream that is becoming increasingly pig … But while his penis begins to really stand up, the guardian of the block surprise. It gets torn quarter of an hour! Without hesitation, she calls one of his colleagues and makes a big dig anal on the prisoner, just for fun. These two black guys are armed with dildos huge belt! And she has one desire: to punish the prisoner’s behavior … They took him to their office, where three other armed with dildos nymphs await! The type is found surrounded by the 5 guardians délurées, so excited to be able to blow up the ass of a beautiful black she would lick their chops! He is lying on the table of power and feels one after another plastic dicks anus visit him. He collects, suffered terrible attacks of these bitches, is forced to suck not being able to cry … But look at it, this pig: does he begin to take no taste, this big gang bang?

Category: Lgtbi
Added on: February 4, 2020

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