Fat woman jerks off and sucks 2 guys in her garden before getting caught


The scene takes place in the garden of a fat woman. She receives two handsome naked torsos who have the bump in the pants. They know that she is a big slut and that she loves to masturbate and suck big cocks. So when she has two just for her, she is in paradise and forgets the barbecue. She undoes the guys’ zippers to free their erect sexes. As they had both planned, she jerks them off and sucks them in turn. The guys grop her big boobs and raise the temperature in her. At the end of a moment she does not hold any more and presents her big ass to one of the guys who spreads her panties to stuff his cock at the bottom of her big slobbery and flowing wet pussy. An improvised threesome, but not that much!

Category: Amateur
Added on: February 4, 2020

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