Fat bitch pregnant donned 3 dicks


This blonde is sprawled on the couch in a sort of undress completely transparent. She and her husband await the visit … because the poor guy can not satisfy the urges of his wife since she is pregnant: a real fury of ass! He is forced to accept that she receives the visit. No one, not two: it takes at least three cocks in this bitch! His big body, pale and bold thrill of joy when the guys arrive. They surround it, caress it and breaking down her nightie to discover her body. The husband was already naked, ready to give his dick. A minute later, our old pregnant slut is left with two cocks in her mouth and tongue to the bottom of the vulva! She moans and squirms so much that guys do not know where to start … One of the guys in the back and shoves her from behind, snatching a big sigh of relief: Finally she gets fucked! Fortunately, this is not all the others are in condition and entering turns, taking this big mass of flesh in every direction. They fuck her team, and he will enjoy top team!

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Added on: February 4, 2020

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