Experimental workshop for research sadomasochistic


The scenery can be enjoyed here. The sauce is relieved of steel picks. Always accompanied by leather and chains. The victim is a man, hairless from head to foot. The hostess is pretty dirty, dressed in a red corset and leather pants. Also sponsors a pulpy, it is difficult to resist the punishment afflicted. This dominatrix fantasy to the idea of ​​blowing up the ass of this masochistic, and decides to prepare the ground. Pinch the nipples of the victim consented and then shoot them with chains. Cover his tail burning wax. Whipping his ass until reddening of the skin. Squeeze his balls with full hands. Then, armed with latex gloves, preparing to infiltrate into his anus finger delicate to take the temperature. The oven is hot! Dominatrix to the evil spirit takes a dildo and stuffed it in her hindquarters. When it reaches the deeper the cave now dilated, the man felt shivers of pain mixed with numbness of ecstasy worthy of the best male orgasms. The man lets himself completely dominate excited and releases his sperm in an explosion associated with a scream of ecstasy. The Chieftain places will kiss your feet for a final humiliation psychologically distressing to the man again and again filled punishment.

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Added on: February 4, 2020

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