Double penetrated married woman while her husband is at work


The husband did not want to attend the scene. His wife told him that she had called two guys to get fucked like a bitch and try double penetration. He doesn’t have what it takes to accept watching his wife get screwed by every hole by two strangers. In any case, it is hot! She is a beautiful brunette with short hair with a few curves and a very wet and plump rump. She sucks the two guys before quickly showing them her pussy and asshole. The men pass through the two orifices presented to them, remembering to knead the big milky breasts of the married woman hungry for sex. And then the long awaited moment arrives and off we go for an intense and hardcore double penetration. I don’t know if her husband will see the video, in any case his wife is a real slut!

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Added on: February 4, 2020

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