Diving in the heart of a living SM


While welcoming the visitor, is the motto of this sado-masochistic lounge. A black and a blonde are on duty at a time when the customer shows up. A girl plays the submissive, the other cruel mistress, the male is subjected too. The blonde has to excite the male, the black, the cause. He can not respond to insults and must leave by the blonde tease subject to the orders of the black. Tied, gagged, the male is psychologically reduced to a toy. He must eat the pussy of a blonde on all fours on a massage table SM, suck a fake stick on the abdomen of the lady, watching his girlfriend to get the same black rod in her pussy or suck on extended leave on back. If it were not for the fabulous tits blonde, all round, with large spikes, elongated shapes when it is tilted forward, it would be an ordeal for anyone. After the beating he can finally put his wand in pussy of the blonde. But then, after so much excitement, deprivation, pain, touch the flesh of his wand in pussy of the blonde is super jouasse and causes him a wave of pleasure that overwhelms everything else.

Category: Lgtbi
Added on: February 4, 2020

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