Couple to Couple dominating docile


Four players for some hardcore perverse and exciting at the same time. The first pair is the dominant genre: she, a beautiful tall blonde dressed in black leather pants and a bustier with plunging neckline on her big breasts, always armed with his whip, which is ignited and his buttocks dildo ready for a good sodomy. Her partner, a tough guy well built, is a fan of narrow mouth or where to plant her tight pussy big cock. They suffer all kinds of torture in a duet docile and submissive. The skinny chick is hampered by a string of submission, savagely penetrated clitoris martyred and her small breasts with nipples bruised by clothespins … His fellow-servant is constantly abused by his insatiable mistress, which makes him lick her boots and will undergo a wild ass pounding while he is forced to eat the crotch of his wife suffering as she collects the semen his master in the mouth. A quartet vicious sado masochistic for extreme sex lovers!

Category: Lgtbi
Added on: February 4, 2020

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