Blonde double penetrated by the guys in charge of her pool


The advantage when you are a fan is that you have people at your service. And when one is a bourgeois blonde hyper well gaulé and friquée, we can afford to abuse their time as we hear. And this big slut is very eager to enjoy their cocks. The guys are used to handling the pole to clean the pools of their customers, but this time, it is she who will take care of their sleeves. She sucks them after mixing and masturbating. The first guy immediately rush behind her to remove her panties and lick her holes. Seeing that she does not say anything to puck titter, he makes a sign to her boyfriend meaning that will be able to fuck two. She loves double penetration and it is with two cocks in the holes she will get off this afternoon while her husband works.

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Added on: February 4, 2020

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