Blonde bimbo fucked hard by a young man with big balls


A blonde bimbo has an appointment today with her lover who is a guy with big full balls and a steel tail. She knows that he will have a good time with him and that he will satisfy her by making her wet and giving her several orgasms. She feels naughty today and wants him to go visit the back door. She starts by sucking his tail while kneading his balls to make sure he hasn’t gone elsewhere between two shots. Satisfied with her lover, she spreads her thighs so that he comes to rub her glans against her wet vulva which she shaved for the occasion. He fucks her and gives her her first orgasm. Still very excited, she puts her plan into action and guides the tail of her young lover to her little half-open hole. The penetration is intense as is the young man’s ejaculation.

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Added on: February 4, 2020

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