Bitch lack fisted by her master


This beautiful petite slut is fierce lack of thrills. His master has promised him a huge radiused for tonight, if she stood a good boy all day. Suddenly, she was undressed and put on the skirt the most exciting of his wardrobe, with a small bikini top just as horny. The guy is happy and it gives him to taste his cock. The bitch looks at him with recognition and starts pumping his cock as best she can offer to him. Soon, she finally gets what she wanted for ages: a good Braquemart trained in mold! She took off from pleasure, squirming in every sense, but does not suspect that her boyfriend has some surprises … It floss thoroughly, it blocks the hands behind his back, shoves fingers in his mouth, then withdraws from her to plant a big fist in the pussy! Phew! The chick was not expecting it and spreads her little thighs thoroughly to let this huge thing in it … Immediately, she starts screaming and cumming like a tared. A small glass of spunk and more, and it will be filled most women!

Category: Fetish
Added on: February 4, 2020

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