A courtesy visit rather ribald for a grandpa


An elderly man was reading the newspaper while awaiting a visit from his neighbor, a bubbly brunette of thirty years he has invited to take coffee. She arrives, serves and sits in front of him mischievously. She wears a short skirt on leather thigh boots and grandpa who does not have eyes in his pocket can not help mater to see if she has panties. The ridiculous situation is no exception to that beautiful, I must say feels flattered and excited when she got up, approached the man and lifts his skirt. It is at its height and he has no trouble slipping his tongue into the slit of the moist and hot wench. It tasted its nectar and fragrant smells relive his old tail. She is taking him a blow when a neighbor brought by the moans of lovers comes and asks if he can join them. The greedy knowing that the old can not satisfy completely accepts the cock in her vagina burning while continuing to masturbate the old man, while pleased with this unexpected kiss as a trio. Finally, the brunette gets a double shot of sperm in the figure.

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Added on: February 4, 2020

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