A couple and a submissive gets fucked with anal sex


This couple is fortunate to have a woman available to him. They put her on all fours in the living room on a white carpet. The wife sucks the cock of his man to put him in condition while he smashes the ass of the docile with a dildo. The goal is that the dick of her husband replaces the sextoy. She spreads her buttocks so he can go deep into her. While her husband smashes the ass of the submissive, the wife stuffs into her pussy the sextoy she had put in the ass of the dominated a few minutes earlier. The man will focus exclusively on her submissive and smash her pussy anus. Once he is finished, he will ejaculate on the leather hood and his wife will lick all the sperm he has deposited.

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Added on: February 4, 2020

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