A blonde goes through a very thorough medical examination and ends up fucked and soiled with cum


It’s time for a medical visit for this super sexy young blonde woman. The doctor wants to inspect it from every angle and asks him to get naked and open his mouth wide. He is excited to see her in this position and can not help having an erection that he immediately plants at the back of the young woman’s throat. Seeing that she said nothing and that on the contrary she was savoring his member deeply pressed into his mouth, he decided to go further with her and give her a gynecological examination. He does it with his fingers, tongue and tail. He must visit every corner of his anatomy to make sure that he is in good health. Once the fuck is over, he administers the treatment directly to her on the tongue by pouring his warm and warm semen into her mouth.

Category: Hardcore
Added on: February 4, 2020

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